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The Best Sales Tools and Technologies

The Best B2B Sales Tools and Technologies

Trend report of the 53 best sales tools in 9 different categories for modern sales professionals.

Mathematics for B2B Sales

Mathematics for B2B Sales

Learn to supercharge your sales pipeline with a modern approach to sales KPIs.

Smartbound - The Connected Power of Inbound and Outbound Activities

Smartbound - combining inbound and outbound

Embrace the connected power of data-driven inbound and outbound activities in sales and marketing.

Best Software Platforms for Staffing, Recruitment and Executive Search

The Best Software Platforms for Staffing and Recruiters

Comprehensive guide into the tools and technologies for driving revenue growth in staffing industry.




Measure the Right Activities in Sales

Apr 20, 2017: How to use micro-behaviours and actions to drive real performance growth across your entire organisation.


Expand Your Business to Sweden

Dec 8, 2016: The most important insights for companies expanding to Sweden, focusing on Finnish companies planning to enter the market.


Succeeding with Account Based Marketing

Aug 5, 2016: Communicate better with your most important customers and prospects with the help of open data-backed Account Based Marketing.


How Data Helps Recruitment and HR Outsourcing Find the Best Prospects

Apr 14, 2016: Using both direct and predicitive indications to find the best prospects in Staffing industry.


Using Data to Find the Best Leads

Apr 13, 2016: By using data and external signals mined from the web, you can find the best, timely leads.


How to Build a Sales Machine?

Apr 1, 2016: Sales is the cheapest source of funding for all startups. How can you make your company a true sales machine?


Identifying Best Prospects with Predictive Data

Dec 3, 2015: How to identify the best prospects with predictive data and make your sales cycles shorter with ABM?


Vainu Analyzer

Vainu for Recruitment & Staffing

Vainu as a Workplace

Sales Velocity Formula

Using Open Data for New Market Entry


Read how actionable account insights, data-driven prospecting and customer analyses help you find and generate leads from open data.